Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Week in the Life of Me!

Hi everyone. Hope your day is going well. Ok, here it goes. I have followed Ali Edwards' blog for some time now. I have seen and admired all the many different projects that she accomplishes and shares with all of us. I have joined her on some of these projects (I have done a December Daily for the past two years now and have loved every minute of deeply documenting our Holiday season) but have never thought my life was exciting enough to document and follow along with her 'A Week in The Life' project. However, I have decided to bite the bullet and just do it. So, I will be joining her next week and begin documenting a week in my life. I look forward to the process. She encourages us to look at the little everyday things that we do without even thinking about it but are very important in our lives. This will be a good way to look at and journal about feelings that come up, emotions we experience instead of just documenting the 'big events' in our lives. I will be able to see things that I do on a daily basis and see where my focus is and really notice what I find truly important to me. Where we spend the most time and energy in our day to day lives can tell us alot about ourselves. I look foward to this self examination excercise. I haven't yet decided on the size album pages that I will be doing but I am commiting to put some time in the planning stages of things over the next couple of days and be ready to hit the ground running on Monday. I will try to post throughout next week my process and how things are going for me. And then once I begin putting the album togther, I will share the 'finished' project as well. Join us if you dare...

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