Saturday, March 21, 2009

It must be a 'twin' thing...

My sister and I live in two different states but somehow, by a 'freaky' twin connection we ended up doing the exact same thing on our Birthday. I sent her a text message of me with a Starbucks coffee in my hand while sitting at the new Barnes and Nobles and low and behold...she sent me back a text message of her doing the exact same thing.

Here she is...(remember tht this photo came from a cell phone)

And here I am...(my photo came from my camera...the one I texted her had my husbands finger in the way...)
I would not have been surprised if we had been dressed alike or had the same book in our hand. We usually have different coffee..she goes for the cold coffee and I stick with the usual Frech Vanilla Latte. Yum!!! I had an awesome Birthday. My husband took me for lobster and a relaxing afternoon sitting in Barnes and Nobles. (Ladies, you have to know what a sacrifice that was for him, he hates to read and to get him to enjoy browsing a bookstore, hasn't happened yet in the 4 years that we have been married, until yesterday) Thank you honey...I love you so much. You made my Birthday very special. Thank you,

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's My Birthday!!!

Well, not that I am excited about getting older, but I'd rather celebrate a Birthday than the alternative...The best thing about today is that I get to celebrate this day with my twin sister, Terri! Yes, that's a '41' we are holding up with our fingers. Yikes, where in the world did the time go. I can remember my mom being 41. She was 41 when I had my daugher...I made her a Nana at 41.

Here we are with our mom. Terri and I don't look all that much alike in these photos. She has lightened her hair (it looks great Ter-Bear) and I have kept mine darker (for now). Here I am with my Sweetie and My other Sweetie. (My husband Mark and my daughter Ashley) Isn't she just beautiful. She now lives in VA so we met half way this past Sunday to see everybody for the Birthdays. (My Dad's was this past Monday)

Well, we are off. My husband has my special day planned, filled with all my favorite things...I don't know what he is up to but I am sure it will be fun. Have a wonderful Friday...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Some Recent Layouts

Here are just a few of the layouts that I have done recently. (please forgive me, but I can't seem to get good pics of my layouts...I'm still trying)

My Step-daughter Tiffany brought over a game called: Would You Rather - and as you can see...we played. My husband and I were the ones that ended up having to do the 'silly' things during the game. However, I'm not bragging but I did win both times that we was a lot of fun! (yes that's me having to drink water out of a bowl like a kitty cat would - it was harder than you think)
Every Fall we go up the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway to see the lovely views and all the waterfalls. We have to be tourist in our own town every now and then. Tiffany was the only kid that could go with us and we had a wonderful time. Thanks Tiffany for spending the day with us.
Our daughter Ashley lives in Virgina so we made a trip to visit her a few weeks ago. She got a new car and she wanted us to see it. I take every chance I get to love on her. We spent the day together and then had to come back home. We love you Ashley!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Hodge-Podge Blog Post

To start things off, last weekend I tackled the choir of recovering our dining room chairs. We got this dining room table about 6 months ago for on one hundred dollars. What a steal. All it needs is a little bit of TLC. It has six chairs and a leaf to make the table even larger. The family that we got this from has a 2 year old and she left her mark.

Here is the before:
And here is the after:

I even think the gold material makes the wood look even richer and warmer. What do you think? I am very happy with them. Now it's time to entertain!!!

Now to my 'next' project - 'Perging'. I know a lot of you guys hit that in early January but I have been a little bit late in starting. A group of us at church are having a 'huge' yard sale next weekend so I have begun the much dreaded, but at the same time exciting, task of perging the old and making room for better organization and order. My hubby snapped this shot of me sitting in the floor of my scrap space going through all of the 12X12 paper that I've just gotta have when I am in the store, but once I get it home it seems to find it's way to the back of the pile. I must just realize that I do not use a whole lot of pastels and I don't know if I have ever used purple but boy did I have a lot of it. Hopefully no more. I am praying that some 'purple-loving scrapper' will show up next weekend and relieve me of some of my madness. (and that's my sweet little dog Jackson next to me-actually he is our daughter's dog but I get to claim him for now)
Part 3 of this post:
Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

This is what it looked like driving up our mountain on our way home from church today. It was crazy, when we left the church it wasn't even snowing yet and we only live approx. 5 minutes from church. But the 'higher' up we went the more snow we encountered. We probably already have 4-5 inches. It's absolutely beautiful.
I took this picture of a tree in our front yard from our front door (not a far distance) but the snow is so heavy that you can barely see the tree.

I pray that you and your family enjoy the rest of your Sunday afternoon. God Bless, Cherri