Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Wow...have we gotten the snow. Our area usually doesn't get it like this. It started snowing yesterday morning shortly before we awoke. I tried to drive down our 'steep' mountain road thinking I could make it to work, work a few hours and then get back home before it got too bad. Well, boy was I wrong. Shortly after pulling out of our driveway I was regretting my decision but since our road is all down hill, I didn't feel comfortable turning around. I 'slid' all the way to the bottom, turned around and up the mountain I came. It was very dangerous, slippery, steep cliffs to my right and not a great idea at all. It took me more than 30 minutes to go 3 miles (down and then back up again). Boy was my husband glad to see me pulling back into the driveway. The stress and the pressure of that (short) drive caused me to walk right into the house and fall into my hubby's arms bawling my head off. He kept saying "at least your home safe now, it's all ok". It took me a good 30 minutes to finally calm down and realize that...I had a Snow Day!!! Yeah. Our company decided to close down, something that they just don't do. Our entire county was just blanketed. I was glad to call my team members to let them know to enjoy their 'Snow Day'. It snowed all day long. We ended up getting between 10 and 12 inches. It is absolutely beautiful. We are just glad that we didn't loose power and that we had food in the cabinets. We have made Potato Soup, Russian Tea, Grilled Cheese, and best of all...snow cream. (yum) We have been snowed in for two days and they have already canceled church for tomorrow...that will make 3 days. My hubby and I have played cards, watched tons of Christmas movies, worked in our home office, I have has been a wonderful time. I am sure that are those of you who got way more snow than us but this is big, very big around here.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Wow...5 Years Already!!! Happy Anniversary to 'US'

Dec. 11th - my hubby and I have been married for 5 years. We were both married before and had been single for quite a long time before finding each other. We both belong to the same church and had been friends for almost 3 years before God let us truly 'see' each other for the roles that He had for us in each other's future. At times it feels like yesterday that we were saying 'I do' but on the other hand we feel like we have been married and together for our entire lives. We just instantly became 'Us' and it felt like we had just always been. Well we went out of town for our anniversary to the same cabin that we stayed in for our honeymoon 5 years ago. My aunt and uncle own a cabin right on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia so we took them up on their offer to stay again. We had a wonderful time. Here are a few pics from our weekend. (the ones I can share with you of Me and my honey!!! (boy and I a blessed girl)

We took our pictures at this very same rock on the Blue Ridge Parkway 5 years ago and we always make it a point (anytime we are in that area) to go by 'our rock'.

They had a snow and ice storm two days before we arrived. There was still quite a bit of snow in the area. It was absolutely beautiful.

I bet we saw over 100 deer over the three days we were there. They let us get so close (as long as we were still in the car) it was unbelievable. I bet they are use to the 'tourist' taking their photos. We were amazed at how majestic they looked.
With all the 'house here is on the market', 'I am transitioning in my job', 'we are house hunting in Virginia', and 'it's Christmas time' we needed this much deserved time away. It was truly everything that the two of us hoped it would be.