Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's a Girl!!!

Last Thursday, Aug. 19th, my daughter had an appointment for an ultrasound. She invited me and my mom to go with her and Justin. If the baby cooperated they would be able to tell the sex of the baby. Well, she did cooperate and we know (fairly certain) that we will be welcoming a little baby girl into our family in January. This is Ashley's first child and my first biological grandchild. We couldn't be more excited about the upcoming arrival of this precious baby.

Here is Ashley and Justin at the Ultrasound Appointment

Me, Ashley and Justin
Nana (my mom), Ashley and Justin

Monday, August 2, 2010

Just a few Yard Sale Finds this past Weekend

This past Saturday was rainy and overcast which made yard sales very bleak. I felt so sorry for all those that put so much hard work into having a yard sale jsut to have the rain put a damper on it. However, we still decided to trek out in the rain. I found this table on wheels at our first stop. They were asking $8 for it and I paid full price. I felt so sorry for them being out in the rain I just wanted to bless them with their asking price. I still think it was worth $8. I a using it in my scrap room to keep items on and when I need them, I can just roll the table next to my work space and there they are...right at my fingertips. Then later at an estate sale I found this planter for $1. I will probably fill it with scrapbooking supplies to keep on the table with wheels...they are made for each other. That is all I bought this weekend. Not a lot to choose from but I think both of my purchases were good buys. Happy Monday everybody.

Rascal Flatts Concert

This past Thursday, July 29th, my twin sister Terri! and I headed over to West Virginia to attend the Greenbrier Classic Golf Tournament and ended the day with a Rascal Flatts concert. We couldn't take a camera to the golf tournament but we got plenty of pictures of Gary, Jay and Joe Don at the concert. They put on an amazing show. Their stage (at an outdoor venue) and their graphics were just awesome. We thoroughly enjoyed the concert. It was another great time with my womb-mate.