Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Half Way on A Week in the Life

Well it is Tuesday and I am half way through documenting my Week in the Life project. I am following along with Ali Edwards and hundreds more that have decided to tackle this project this week. The documenting is going well and I will be putting my album together over the weekend and throughout next week.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday..

Jonathan goofing off while we were working on his school project
Me eating my dinner - it was so good. I made a nice salad and topped it with chichen. I am on a diet and enjoying your food (the food that you 'can' eat) is so very important. Yes I am eating in the living room. I know, shame on us for not sitting around the table together for our meal. With it just being me and hubby - sometimes it is just easier to eat where ever we land. We do use our table just not all the time...
Terri took this photo of me printing some pictures for Jonathan's school project due today.
This is me earlier in the day sorting my A Week in the Life Photos into separate folders. I am trying to stay as organized as I can so that next week putting this album togther will not be such a struggle. I created one main A Week in the Life folder and then added sub-folders with each day (and date) on them. So when I upload my photos I automatically put them in the folder for the day that they were taken. Easy-Peasy!!!Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your day.

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