Saturday, February 14, 2009

Feburary 14th - Happy Valentine's Day

Today was a wonderful day. My sweetie and I spent the entire day together and we are getting ready to watch a movie. But before we could do that, I had to make a little something special for my guy.


Equals...These!!! - White Chocolate Covered Strawberries - My husband's favorite!


Our Pottery is Ready!!!

A few days ago I posted that me and my two girls went to Fired Up and created our own pieces of pottery. Well, here are the 'finished items'. I went over and picked them up this morning. I was so excited to be able to get them, to see what they turned out like and to love them. I think Tiffany, Ashley and I did very well on our pieces. What do you think?Ashely' Chinese Noodle Bowl - they even threw in some chopsticks
Tiffany's Butterfly Trinket BoxAnd my Picture Frame. I have the perfect picture already picked out for this frame. Thanks for looking and I hppe you enjoyed our 'crafty side.'

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Won!!! I Won!!!

I don't win a lot of things but I post for give-a-ways as much as I can. I logged on Tuesday to a blog, Kim Rose, ( and saw that I had won her recent give-a-way. I can't even remember what she was giving away but I am so excited about it. She emailed me that the 'goodies' were mailed out yesterday. Can't wait to see what they are.

On a seperate note, I helped my twin sister, Terri!, get a blog yesterday. She has now entered the 'world of blogging'. She visits and surfs a lot of blogs but has never taken the time to set one up for herself. So yesterday, I helped her take the bull by the horns and get a blog. You can link to her either from my sidebar or Go over and say hello to Terri. Welcome to cyberspace Terri!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Photos of me and hubby

I have wanted some good pictures of my husband and I for a while now. So when we knew that my daughter was coming into town, we drafted her to be our 'photographer for the day'. (not really a whole day, but about an hour) Actually we were so busy that we had to push the time back and then back some more so we barely got in some pics before it began getting dark. But some of them turned out really well and I wanted to share them. (even some of the not-so-great ones too)Thank you Ashley for taking some of your time to take some photos for us. We know we made it very difficult for you (all our laughing and cutting up while you were trying to be serious about getting some great pics) but you were a trooper and did a wonderful job. We love you sweetheart.

Just a 'Girls Day Out'...

This past Saturday I took my daughters Ashley and Tiffany out for a 'girls only' day. Ashley lives out of state and was in town for a visit so I wanted to do something fun with them. We took off to the 'big city' to have a day of fun, laughter and play. Here we are getting ready to leave the house

We started out at a coffee shop (a must in our family) to get coffee and snacks to take with us to our next destination. The girls didn't know where we were going. They like surprises so I kept it a secret until we got there. After we got our morning 'fuel' it was off to 'Fired Up'. Fired Up is a creative pottery lounge. You can go and pick a piece of pottery and design it anyway you would like and then they will glaze it and 'fire' it and in just a few days I can go back and pick up our finished 'masterpieces'.
Here are the 'before pics' of the pottery that we chose

There were so many nice pieces to choose from that the decision of what to do was quite difficult. I knew I was going for a photo frame so mine was pretty easy. However, Ashley and Tiffany didn't have a lot of time to pre-plan for this becaus they like surprises and didn't want to know where we were going. Ashley ended up choosing a Chinese noodle bowl, Tiffany chose a butterfly trinket box for her room and I chose a photo frame for my scrapbook studio to document the fun day that the girls and I had. Once we picked our pottery, then we were able to choose the colors that we wanted to use. We also had options for stencils and stamps to 'dress' them up a bit.

It was harder than you think sitting there with a blank canvas so to speak and knowing you are fully responsible for the 'finished' product. We thought long and hard befre we begin our painting.

Our finished items - how do they look? Once we get the finished pieces back, I will do another post because they will end up looking so much different than they do now. They will be much darker and have a shinny gloss coat over them. Ashley's Chinese Noodle Bowl

Tiffany's Butterfly Trinket Box

My Picture Frame

We are all three very proud of our hard work. We can't wait to see the finished items. Now it was off to our next stop...lunch!! One of Ashley's favorite restaurants is the Mellow Mushroom so that is where we went.

Which way do we go???

My girls love to cut up no matter where we are...I can't take them out in public, but I do. Maybe one day I will learn. (they certainly make life fun)

On our way back to the car, we stopped in a comedy shop where we found a large assortment of 'silly hats'. Of course they were just begging to be tried on. And you know we had to comply. Here are a few 'silly girls' in some 'silly hats'. Oh, what fun this was.

It was an amazing day and I totally needed it. With our kids getting older I have less and less 'mommy' time with them. This sure gave me my fix for a short while. What will we do next time???