Monday, July 15, 2013

Our new home and our first 'project'...

Ok, we did it...we closed on our home.  Actually it was June 27th but I am just getting the opportunity to post about it. 
Here we are getting ready to enter the house as owners for the very first time.  Yippee!!!

Can't you tell we are happy?
It was a Thursday and our plans were to close on the house and over the rest of that day and Friday, we would move all of the boxes, lamps, large wall d├ęcor, and anything fragile that I didn't want going into the moving truck on Saturday. So, it all began.  Loading and unloading until we were completely exhausted
However, you know me, I had to work on a project in the midst of all of the 'crazy'.  Do you remember in the 'before' house tour that I showed you my inspiration for my laundry room?  Well, I knew that if I put my washer and dryer in there, that I would probably never get around to moving them out and stenciling the wall behind them.  So, then came the idea of getting it done 'before' the washer and dryer were moved in.  Which means, getting it done in the middle of moving in. 
In comes Cathy.  A great friend of mine.  She is all things crafty.  She is even brave enough to actually cut and create her own stencils.  What???  That's totally not me so I knew I was in good,  great, hands with her helping me on this.  With a lot of back and forth on colors, design, etc...we settled on the below stencil shape (which she made from scratch and colors.  She came over early Friday morning (remember...there's a whole lot of moving going on all around) to get started.  I don't know how she stayed focused with but she got in there and was in her own little world and got to work right away. 
Hard at work...I am loving it already. 

Hi Cathy...thank you for helping me out with this.  You are the best!
  Here is a close up of the design and color.  (I will have to come back later and add the names/brand of the colors because right now I cannot locate the paint sample)  We went with two colors to add depth and dimension. 
This is just with the lighter color - no darker color has been added yet.

In progress...

Here is the entire wall done with the darker color added sporadically over the wall.  I love it!!!

Here is a close up shot of the finished results. 

With the washer and dryer added and the shelving back up. 
 When looking at the 'somewhat finished' picture above, I have to mention two things.  One, I did not realize that our washer and dryer were not tall enough to cover up the outlet and the spigots.  I have some ideas for covering/masking those but will get to those later.  Right now, we have other 'more pressing' projects at hand. 
Also, I still need to find a cabinet and wooden shelving to replace the wire racks that were already in this space.  Once those have been found, purchased, and installed, then I get the fun of adding the baskets/bins/pretty stuff to stage the space. 
Once that is complete, I will share an updated post on this space.  So, what do you think?  Does a pretty laundry room make doing the laundry easier???