Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hail Storm in September

This past Wednesday a horrific storm came upon us all of a sudden. It brought heavy rain (the kind that rains in all directions), extreme lightening and loads of 'pea-sized' hail. I work from my home office and was on the phone with a client. Needless to say, the power went out, the phones went out and I just had to shut everything down until it passed. And just as swiftly as it came - it left. I don't think it even lasted 10 to 15 mins. It was a little bit unnerving because it was so intense. I was glad to grab a few pics of the hail. It looked like it had snowed in September. Of course the ice melted very quickly and everything was back to normal. (as if the storm had never visited us).
This is our front flower bed covered in hail.

My office is on the second floor in our home. My desk is directly beside this window and this was my view of the hail on the roof.

This is the back yard looking out the breakfast area on the main floor. Our house sits on top of a full basement and that is why it looks so far down from where I am standing.

Another one from the breakfast area looking into the back yard.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yard Sale Goodies from this Past Weekend

Ok, this summer hasn't really be all that productive when it comes to my yard sales/thrift store finds...that is until this past weekend. I think it was the best ever for things that I found that I just couldn't leave behind.

At our first stop I was able to these three frames for $1 each even though they are marked at $2 a piece. I think she was willing to negotiate because I was buying quite a few things from her. I got a great deal on all of these items. A total of $11 was spent on the following few items and the same stop.
Table Runner was $2 Place Mats were $3 for 6 of them

This lamp was only $3 (I love it)

Another great deal I got (at our last stop) was this rug to go under my Dining Room table. It is at least a 9' X 10' (actually I think it's a little bit bigger but I haven't measured it yet). You won't believe me when I tell you that I only spent $10. Yes, you read correctly....$10. Yea!!!

My daughter is expecting in January so I just couldn't pass up on some awesome baby things. This bouncy seat (in excellent condition) was only $8. And this bassinet was (also in excellent condition) only $20. They originally had it marked for $50 (they started the sale on Thursday night) but came down on Saturday to make sure they moved it. It was a church rummage sales raising money for a mission trip. I didn't mind paying $20 for a good cause and an awesome bassinet for Ashley (and Brooklynn Elaine).

Also at the church rummage sale I snagged these three baskets/tins for .25 a piece.

A great day with my sister and her two daughters. Girls morning out - what fun. I also got a rubbermaid container full of maternity clothes for only $10 and 3 baby lullaby CD's for a buck a piece. I think that is everything that I brought home on Saturday. Needless to say, my husband is thrilled that yard sale season is quickly coming to an end...

Hope you all had a successful 'thrifting' day if you ventured out. I sure did...Have a wonderful week.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hello September

My where has the summer gone? Boy is time flying fast these days. It seems like just yesterday our kiddos were getting out of school (one graduated from High School) and starting their summer and now the next school year is already in full swing. Is it just me or did summers last longer when we were younger? I think they did.

We are what you all would call empty-nesters. We have a blended family with three adult children (all living out of state), one that just graduated and is heading off to the National Guard, one in the 11th grade living with his father, and one just beginning 9th grade (1st year in High School) and she lives with her mother. It is extremely quiet around her most days. My husband and I both work from home. (we know what a blessing that is and we are so very grateful) But with no kiddos in the house sometimes (most of the time) I miss not having some of the children around all the time.