Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some Furniture 'Re-doing'...

I have a couple of things that I want to use in my studio (scrapspace) but they need some help. This desk was given to my daugher over 12 years ago. It is the desk I have been using in my scrapspace for about 3 years now. In the second picture you can see where she painted her name on it with fingernail polish when she was younger. It has been a great little desk but the key word here is 'little'. I have just gotten a 'U' shaped table for my studio and I wanted this desk to go behind it. I kind of want my 'stuff' all around...front, sides and behind me. You will see, I will post 'finished' pictures when I'm finished. While I was painting the desk, I decided to also paint a footstool and some wall decor. I am going with black accents in my studio so it was easy, all three pieces were done in black. I like easy. Here are the before shots! I will post 'after' shots tomorrow. My hubby thinks I need one more clear coat on the table before we bring it inside. We will have to do that after church tomorrow. Thanks for looking.

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