Saturday, March 21, 2009

It must be a 'twin' thing...

My sister and I live in two different states but somehow, by a 'freaky' twin connection we ended up doing the exact same thing on our Birthday. I sent her a text message of me with a Starbucks coffee in my hand while sitting at the new Barnes and Nobles and low and behold...she sent me back a text message of her doing the exact same thing.

Here she is...(remember tht this photo came from a cell phone)

And here I am...(my photo came from my camera...the one I texted her had my husbands finger in the way...)
I would not have been surprised if we had been dressed alike or had the same book in our hand. We usually have different coffee..she goes for the cold coffee and I stick with the usual Frech Vanilla Latte. Yum!!! I had an awesome Birthday. My husband took me for lobster and a relaxing afternoon sitting in Barnes and Nobles. (Ladies, you have to know what a sacrifice that was for him, he hates to read and to get him to enjoy browsing a bookstore, hasn't happened yet in the 4 years that we have been married, until yesterday) Thank you honey...I love you so much. You made my Birthday very special. Thank you,

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