Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weekend with my sister's family...

It's a 'twin thing' once again. When my mom and I arrived at my twin sisters house, low and behold my sister and I were dressed just alike. we both had on black shirts and khaki pants with black sandals on. We have done this on many occassions and it still 'freaks' us and our family out. It is uncanny that the two of us can live 5 hours apart and show up in the exact same clothes. Not only that we have the 'same' clothes in our closets but that we pick out the same thing on the very same day. Wow this is weird. This is my mom with Jonathan. Is is learning the keyboard and Nana was teaching him a new song.

Nana snuggling with Lyndsay

Me, Terri! and mymom at the kids soccer games.

Laura and Lyndsay with Nana at the game.

Aunt Cherri with Lyndsay

Aunt Cherri with Jonathan

Aunt Cherri with Laura

We had a wonderful time with Terri! and her kids. The only thing missing was her husband Robert. Thanks Terri! and kids for a lovely day. We love you.


Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

How cool is that!? I love the whole "twin thing!"

Thanks for stopping by earlier and good luck!


Terri! said...

I just scrap booked these pics last night. Oh yeah, I'm caught up, right?