Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yard Sale Goodies from this Past Weekend

Ok, this summer hasn't really be all that productive when it comes to my yard sales/thrift store finds...that is until this past weekend. I think it was the best ever for things that I found that I just couldn't leave behind.

At our first stop I was able to these three frames for $1 each even though they are marked at $2 a piece. I think she was willing to negotiate because I was buying quite a few things from her. I got a great deal on all of these items. A total of $11 was spent on the following few items and the same stop.
Table Runner was $2 Place Mats were $3 for 6 of them

This lamp was only $3 (I love it)

Another great deal I got (at our last stop) was this rug to go under my Dining Room table. It is at least a 9' X 10' (actually I think it's a little bit bigger but I haven't measured it yet). You won't believe me when I tell you that I only spent $10. Yes, you read correctly....$10. Yea!!!

My daughter is expecting in January so I just couldn't pass up on some awesome baby things. This bouncy seat (in excellent condition) was only $8. And this bassinet was (also in excellent condition) only $20. They originally had it marked for $50 (they started the sale on Thursday night) but came down on Saturday to make sure they moved it. It was a church rummage sales raising money for a mission trip. I didn't mind paying $20 for a good cause and an awesome bassinet for Ashley (and Brooklynn Elaine).

Also at the church rummage sale I snagged these three baskets/tins for .25 a piece.

A great day with my sister and her two daughters. Girls morning out - what fun. I also got a rubbermaid container full of maternity clothes for only $10 and 3 baby lullaby CD's for a buck a piece. I think that is everything that I brought home on Saturday. Needless to say, my husband is thrilled that yard sale season is quickly coming to an end...

Hope you all had a successful 'thrifting' day if you ventured out. I sure did...Have a wonderful week.

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