Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hail Storm in September

This past Wednesday a horrific storm came upon us all of a sudden. It brought heavy rain (the kind that rains in all directions), extreme lightening and loads of 'pea-sized' hail. I work from my home office and was on the phone with a client. Needless to say, the power went out, the phones went out and I just had to shut everything down until it passed. And just as swiftly as it came - it left. I don't think it even lasted 10 to 15 mins. It was a little bit unnerving because it was so intense. I was glad to grab a few pics of the hail. It looked like it had snowed in September. Of course the ice melted very quickly and everything was back to normal. (as if the storm had never visited us).
This is our front flower bed covered in hail.

My office is on the second floor in our home. My desk is directly beside this window and this was my view of the hail on the roof.

This is the back yard looking out the breakfast area on the main floor. Our house sits on top of a full basement and that is why it looks so far down from where I am standing.

Another one from the breakfast area looking into the back yard.

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