Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Photos of me and hubby

I have wanted some good pictures of my husband and I for a while now. So when we knew that my daughter was coming into town, we drafted her to be our 'photographer for the day'. (not really a whole day, but about an hour) Actually we were so busy that we had to push the time back and then back some more so we barely got in some pics before it began getting dark. But some of them turned out really well and I wanted to share them. (even some of the not-so-great ones too)Thank you Ashley for taking some of your time to take some photos for us. We know we made it very difficult for you (all our laughing and cutting up while you were trying to be serious about getting some great pics) but you were a trooper and did a wonderful job. We love you sweetheart.


Char said...

Hi cheri-

Those are terrific pics of you guys!! Great to scrap!!! That class of Wilna's is incredible!! You can always sign up for it and print or save it and do it at another time. My time is limited to so that's what I do! Good to hear from you!!

Anonymous said...

OMG what great pice. So beautiful and truly capture the essence of your love.

Regina said...

cherri!!!!!i love u!!!! u r awesome just like terri!!! i am blessed to be a triplet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thank you for setting the blog up for me!sure hope we three triplets can get together very soon.