Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Living Room and Foyer: Afters

So, today I will be showing you the foyer and the front living room.  Just a reminder, here are the before photos.  (either from the MLS listing or photos I took on our trips to see the house during the purchasing process)
Here is this foyer niche.
And down the hallway that leads to the den, she had a small desk.  At this time I don't have anything in that spot.  I think it crowded the space and I didn't want it looking crowded as soon as someone walks into our home. 
 The living room is directly on your left when you walk into our front door and you can see into our dining room from here also. 
 Lovely bay window that was really being hidden by the sheers and curtains.  I have other plans for this window. 

Here is the foyer area: 'After' Photos 

 Empty space when we first moved in
And here it is with 'our' stuff moved in:

Living Room: 'After' Photos
First the empty space when we first moved in: (don't you love that window? I sure do)

 With our stuff moved in.

 There are more things 'planned' for this room.  But does a room ever get completely finished...I think not!  I will keep you updated as changes and additions are made.  Hope you enjoyed the 'afters' of our foyer and living room.  Thank you for stopping by.  I have enjoyed having you here.
Blessings, Cherri

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