Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dining Room Reveal

  Within a week of moving in I had already painted our dining room.  This is one of the rooms I had a vision for before we ever moved in.  However, while moving, we decided to give our dining room furniture to our son and his wife so that left me lacking in the furniture department for a while until I found what I really wanted.  I just completed our dining room this past weekend. 

  I will remind you of some of the 'before' photos of this space. (the below three photos are from the MLS listing prior to us purchasing the house)

The room isn't really big but it is adequate for us as we don't use the dining room that often anyway.  (but boy do I love a pretty dining room)
 So, here it is empty and just waiting for some TLC...then it became the storage area for everything that is supposed to go in our dining room...

 It only has one window and outside of that window is a covered front porch.  So, this room doesn't get a whole lot of natural light at any time of the day.  I had seen a dining room on a blog that I 'stalk', I mean browse, and it was similar to the shape and layout of my dining room.  I realize that her paint color is very dark but only painting the top of the wall, above the chair rail, will help keep some light in there.  I went with Valspar's Bracken paint color.  Very close to the inspiration photo. 

So, here I go...I think it took me longer to tape off the room then it did to paint two coats on the walls. 


Here is some of the painting progress...

 And now for some pretties...the room is finished (well, is any room every finished? I think not...)  I do have a few things still to add on the wall with the mirror and the wall above the hutch, but other than that, I have everything done to this room for the time being. 


 The table cloth (using that word very loosely) is material I purchased from Jo Ann's Fabrics (on clearance...yea!!!) and just hemmed the edges and draped it across the table.  I bought all that they had left and it was the 'perfect' size for this table.  The runner is made out of burlap that I also bought at Jo Ann's on the same shopping trip.  I think it turned out is the very look that I was going for. 

 I had also seen a photo online (don't you just love the internet for inspiration?) that used about 7 antique silver trays of varying sizes and made a beautiful wall décor display.  I had three trays and decided to use that same concept above the chair rail.  I like how it turned out. 

 This is the view of the dining room when you walk into the front door.  You are looking through our front living room. 
Hope you have enjoyed a peek into our dining room.  Let me know what you think.  More rooms to come.  Have a blessed day!  Cherri

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