Friday, June 21, 2013

New House - Part 4 (final post in the New House series)

Sorry that I didn't get this posted yesterday.  When we gave our notice to move out of our current home (rental) they put it on the market to sell.  Well, they called today for a showing and I also work from home so we had some juggling to do and my day got away from me. 
Just a reminder, all of these photos came from the MLS listing or the photos I took when we went to see the home.  All of the furniture and belongings are not ours.  We will be closing on this home June 27th and moving in immediately.  (you know what I will be doing next weekend) - jut say a pray for me...thank you,
So, here is the rest of the house.  This is the final day of our 4 part series on our 'before' photos of our new home.  Today we are going to look at the lower level (our basement).  It is a little over 1650 sq ft and has 2 bedrooms, 1 full bath, kitchen, living room, dining area, additional sitting area with a fireplace and a mud room.  It also has a separate entrance and a patio area outside. 
If you are looking at the front of our house, this stone walkway is to the far right side of the house and leads you to the back yard and the entrance to the lower lever.  There are beautiful flower beds along the path.  Cannot wait to see what blooms in this area and then I will know what my starting place will be so that I can choose things I wish to add .
This is the patio area and entrance for the lower level.  Our son, Matthew, and his wife, Allina, (with a new little one on the way-due in Sept) will be living in this lower level.  This outside area will give them their own private outdoor space. 

This is the hallway in the basement that both bedrooms are off of.  To your immediate right (from where this photo was taken is a bedroom (which will be the nursery for Kylie Grace) and then if you look straight ahead and to your right (around the corner) is the other bedroom. 

This will be Kylie's nursery.  In the MLS listing this cannot be listed as a bedroom because it does not have a window.  It will be the perfect space for the baby.  

This is the other bedroom, Matthew and Allina's.
This is the extra sitting area with the fireplace. The dining area is to your left. 
This sitting area and table are directly across from the fireplace.  Also, the orange wall is directly in front of you when you come in the door from outside.  This is actually the foyer area.  (you can see that it leads to the hallway that both bedrooms are off of)
The kitchen is directly to your left on the other side of this dining table. 

Here is the kitchen.  Both of those counter tops in the foreground of the photo are movable.  They are not secured down so that we will be able to rearrange the kitchen counters.  We will also be adding a stove so that it will be a full functioning kitchen for them.  They have a lot of counter space and cabinet space.  

This is the living room area. 

The full bathroom. 
Allina and I have talked about what we want to do in this space.  I realize it is our house so we have to be in agreement with any major decorating decisions.  However, they will be living in this space and we want them to create a space that they love and enjoy living in.  Matthew will be deployed to Afghanistan in September and be gone of about 13 months.  (that is one reason they are living with us so that Allina and the baby won't be living by themselves while he is away)
Initial plans for this space include:
*adding the stove to the kitchen (my husband and I will be doing this as the stove will stay with the house whenever they get their own place)
*painting the foyer (neither of us really love that orange color
*may do some painting in the bedrooms (nursery for Kylie)
*They will be buying quite a bit of furniture for the entire space (they just got married this past September so they are still in that place of building up household furniture and items. 
*They will look into adding a washer/dryer to the mud room so that they won't have to come upstairs to do the laundry. 

I want to thank you for hanging in there with me for the entire tour.  As you can see, we have a lot of potential to make this our dream home.  I will be posting about our move and all the projects that embark on as we begin settling in to this new space for us.  I hope you stop back by to see our progress. 


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