Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New House - Part 2

Ok, so I know yesterday's post was full of photos of our 'new to us' home that we are getting ready to move into, and today's post will be no different.  Today I will be sharing with you the kitchen, family room (or den), laundry room and the sun porch.
Tomorrow I will show you the rest of the main floor, including the three bedrooms and two full bathrooms.  And then on Thursday I will show you the entire lower level. 
So, without further ado...let's get started...
Here is the kitchen.  It has wonderful tile flooring (which we love) and all new stainless steel/black appliances.  The dishwasher is black on the outside and stainless steel on the inside.  The door that you see to the left of the cabinets in the first photo, leads to the pantry/laundry room which you will see in just a little bit.  

List of things to do for this area include:
*install backsplash
*pick a paint color and paint
*replace light above the sink (a small florescent one is there currently)
*replace window treatment
*remove cabinet doors over the sink to create some open shelving
*replace cabinet knobs (I already have the cutest knobs that are ceramic clock faces)
*make chalk/magnetic message board to hang near the laundry room door (message center)
*paint cabinets white (this may be early 2014)
*farmhouse sink (down the road)
*replace counter tops (also, down the road)

The kitchen opens up into the family room/den area.  I love the openness that this provides in this space.  I can be in the kitchen and not feel removed from the family. 

List of things to do for this area include:
*paint or whitewash the fireplace
*new area rug for this space (not sure the one I have will be big enough)
*stage mantle and hearth
*new lighting fixture

 Next on the agenda is the laundry room/pantry.  This is a very small area but I am grateful to have a designated space for laundry so I am not complaining.  As soon as you walk into this space, there is a built-in pantry on your left with slide out drawers.  This space also leads you from the kitchen to the double car garage. 
List of things to do for this space include:
*Wallpaper the back wall with a graphic print (see inspiration photo below)
* Add window treatment
*add cabinet/shelving above the washer and dryer
*add baskets/bins to organize all laundry/cleaning supplies
Inspiration photo...I just love this small laundry space.  When we looked at this house, I thought...I have the exact space layout as this laundry room that I love.  (here is the link to the post on this laundry room pictured below.  Laundry Room Inspiration
Updated Laundry Room on a budget at View Along the Way, washer and dryer, stenciled wall, turquoise room, painted floor, striped floor, how to paint a striped floor, how to stencil a wall, how to style a laundry room

Now to talk about our Sun Porch...one of our favorite spaces in this new house.  It is 34.5' by 12.5', what a great space.  I love that this space can be used all year round.  (it has it's own heat/air system)  I am so excited about the decorating possibilities for this room.  My husband has decided that he wants to have his 'office space' out here.  We have such a beautiful view from that wall of windows that he wants to be out there a lot.  So, my d├ęcor ideas have to have a desk/computer area factored in.  It's doable...

List of this to do for this space include:
*Get a new rug (possibility two-one for each end of the room)
*new furniture (found some that I like but have to make a final decision on it)
*no sew burlap curtains (Burlap Curtains)
*add live greenery (possibly a lemon tree and/or a ficus tree)
*add a small table and chairs for eating on the porch
*figure out the floor plan for furniture with plans for Mark's desk
*may consider painting the brick wall (this is just a thought at this point)
Well, there you have it.  Part 2 of the peek into our new home.  Hope you are enjoying the 'before' tour.  Hope you stay tuned for the rest of this house tour. 
Be blessed and have a wonderful day,

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