Monday, September 28, 2009

'Nesting' Around My House

Well, while the 'husband' is away, the decorator in me will play. My husband went to see his mother for her 74th birthday so I had the house to myself since Thursday. However, I do miss him, I have had so much fun. There is a wall in my dining room that is really 'plain' and I have been dying to pay it a little bit of attention. I have 'surfed' the blogging world and have found some wonderful inspiration photos. This is the inspiration photo that I chose to 'mimic'.

This photo is from the talented 'Nester'. (at least I think it is...I tried to re-find it but couldn't)
So on Saturday my daughter, Ashley, and I headed out shopping to find those 'must-have' treasures that I needed to re-created this in my own home. So, here's my version...what do you think? I was able to create this look for my own home for under $100 bucks. Yeah! A great look and a great price. You can't beat that. (at night in my dining room the lighting can be weird - so please excuse the less than perfect photos)
I recently go rid of the area rug under our table and I am on the hunt for a new one...the 'right' one. Haven't found it yet. Well, haven't found it yet in my price range. Still on the hunt. Thanks for stopping by and looking at my newly 're-created' space.

Now, I just hope my honey likes it when he gets home. I will let you know.


Terri! said...

Cherri it looks beautiful. I love it! What did Markie think? You did jus super! Keep on decorator girl!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Hey great job!!! It looks fabulous!!