Thursday, August 14, 2008

Girls Weekend...Yeah!!!

My sister and I recently turned '40'. I know, I hated even typing that number down and it being associated with my age. But, I don't want the alternative...death. So, at least I had someone to face it with me. Well, we asked our husbands for a 'girls-only' scrapbooking weekend for our birthday. We have planned this and had to cancel it twice, but it is finally happening. We leave tomorrow morning to meet for the weekend. We are so excited that neither of us can stand it. I am about to drive my husband absolutely crazy with my carrying on about how I can't wait until Friday morning. You should see all the 'stuff' I have packed to take with me. We are going to 'scrap' the entire weekend. I had to take so much stuff, just in case I need it, right? I can tell you, it will be a chore to 'unload' and 'put back into it's place' when I return, but right now, I don't even care. We are going to have such a wonderful time. I will post pictures of our weekend when I return.


Suzanne said...

Hello again, hope you both have a good weekend scrapping. 40 is good, I think its a magic number.
I know what you mean about someone else commenting, I was so excited the 1st time and I still get excited. Blogging has been a great online friendship base.
I will check how your weekend went next week. Thank you for your comment on my blog.

Candeez said...

I'm new to blogging too and I love reading about other peoples' lives. Will check back again and see what you're up to. Hope your weekend is fab!