Sunday, July 20, 2008

I love that my kids love the Lord...

This morning at church was youth Sunday. My daughter, Ashley, was part of the drama/dance team that ministered today. I was so proud of her. My son Matthew and his friend Josh also joined us this morning at church. It was wonderful having them there. Ashley, Matt and Josh were part of the youth group that prayed for people in our congretation that needed it. It was so nice sitting there beside my hubby and the two of us watching our kids pray for and minister. Brandon, our oldest, played the bass guitar in the youth band. He did an awesome job. My son Matt lives out of state, he showed up at the end of service to surprise his sister. She hasn't seen him in four months. Ashley has really missed him here lately. She was so thrilled to see him. I love our children. I love even more, that they love the Lord and have such a wonderful reltationship with Him. This is one happy mama.

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TerriBella said...

i am so glad that matt suprised ashley. i am sure you guys were very proud of everyone. we love your god blended family very much. even jackson.