Thursday, December 5, 2013

December Daily - Day 1

I always look forward to the Holidays because I get to document the month of December in my December Daily.  I have done a December Daily since 2008 and it is now one of my favorite Holiday traditions. 
When I shared my foundation pages last week, I had not yet finalized my album cover.  So I am sharing that with you now, along with my title page and my Day One!!!  Hope you enjoy them. 
Here is my album cover. 
My title page is kind of two fold...the smaller page just shows a calendar of December and the year with the initial of our last name.  "E"

Then part 2 of my title page is a calendar of the entire month so that I can document and have a glance at the whole month at one time.  
I created this red grid on my computer and just printed it out on cardstock.  As events come up, I will just fill in the dates. 

Day 1: Sunday - the grandkids rode on the tractor with me to bring all of our Christmas decorations up from the sheds.  They just love being pulled in the trailer behind the mower.  Such fun for them.  While we were out and about in the yard, we noticed that the birdbath was frozen over.  They were amazed and the big piece of ice...what makes little ones want to lick the ice even when it is outside?  Too cute not to document. 

Thank you for stopping by today and hope you enjoyed my start to December.  See you tomorrow. 

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