Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Yard Sale Finds - Score!

We are in the 'home-buying' process so I am being very strict with myself on spending money.  We never know what unexpected necessary costs will come up that we need to be prepared for.  (and all the fun things I will want to buy for the new house)  So with that in mind, I had decided to hold off on yard sales until we have signed all the final papers (should be around the end of June).  However, there were a few 'whole neighborhood' sales that were a bit too tempting.  So, I did get out for just a little bit this past Saturday.  And boy and I glad I did.

Look at what I came across.  I have always wanted an old trunk.  I have actually bid on several at auctions but they went for higher than I was prepared to pay.  But this little gem was just sitting there waiting for me to come by.  It is in great shape too. 

 I have always loved baskets.  Especially unique ones.  I love this large round one that I found.  I paid only $3 for it and I think it was well worth it.  The rectangle basket will be great for storage in my scrap room or to hold DVD's, CD's or such. 
 Below is an additional storage container, it's metal and very sturdy.  It even has a place for a label on the front so I can tag it as to what is store in there.  To the left (in the large round basket) is a nice apron that they threw in at no charge. 
 Love, love this basket.  I have many ideas and plans for it in our new home. 
I only made purchases at two yard sales.  The trunk was at one and all the other items were at the other one.  Total spent on all items was $56.  Wow - what a deal.  I am very, very please with my finds. 

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