Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Daily - Day 1

Well, I still cannot believe that December is already here.  I have been in shock all day.  We were out of town over the Thanksgiving holiday (that is when I usually put up our Christmas Tree) and work has been a bit crazy this past week, so I put up our Christmas Tree this morning.  We will be out of town for Christmas also, so I am not going overboard with our decorations this year but I do like to enjoy the whole month of December with lights, bright decorations and a touch of Christmas all throughout the house.

I wanted to capture on today's December Daily a visit with Santa Claus.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I was with two of our grandchildren and I wanted to take them to see Santa.   Brooklynn will be two in January and I was with her and her mama last year for her very 1st visit to Santa.  Well, now she has a little brother, Bryson, and I wanted to be with him also on his very first meeting with the big guy in red.  Bryson is now 8 months old and took to Santa right away.  Now that Brooklynn is older, she was a bit scared of him.  We coaxed and prodded to try to get her into his lap but to no avail.  So Santa, being the wonderful jolly ole man that he is, suggested that he go into his 'house' and that I could sit in his seat with the two children and get our photo taken in Santa's chair.  What a great idea.  Except that I really wanted 'him' in the photos.  Little did Brooklynn (or I) know, that once we were seated, Santa came back out and stood behind the chair so that he was in the pictures.  Brooklynn never even knew that he was there.

While I was paying for the photos, Brooklynn warmed up enough to Santa that she was waving to him and blowing him kisses.  When we went to leave, she even wanted to give him a kiss on the cheek.  She still didn't want to sit in him lap but she had made big strides.  Maybe next year.

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Heather Johnson said...

Adorable photos and I love the red snowflake!

Cherri said...

The red snowflake was a happy mistake. When I purchased the bag at Michael's it contained 12 felt snowflakes of all different colors and I assumed that they were for crafting...funny thing, when I got home, I noticed on the package that they were wine glass markers. They each have a slit in them to go around the stem of a wine glass. (so guest can know which glass theirs is by the color) But they totally work for my December Daily.

Megan Bailey said...

I love your first page and the photo of your tree!