Friday, November 11, 2011

It's that time of Year again...December Daily - Yippee!!!

Ali Edwards has a project that she does every Christmas. It is called December Daily Album. I have been following this project since 2008. This is one of my favorite projects throughout the entire year. I look forward to it, and start preparing for it in early Fall. I get so excited when Ali begins sharing her process for the new Christmas season on her blog. I cannot believe that this is my fourth year dong these.

Here are the three albums that I have done so far. (2008, 2009 & 2010) The red one still needs a photo/embellishment in the center square. The second photo shows how thick they can get.

This is my first post for this project. This is proof of my 'gathering' stage. I have tons of Christmas patterned papers, embellies, ribbon, etc. But, like every other year, I have been tempted to purchase some 'new' goodies for this album. I was really drawn to the 'Lost and Found' Christmas collection from My Mind's Eye this year. So, I did a bit of comparing online and placed the order. When they came in, I love them even more in person. I am looking forward to using them. They are great.

Here are some of the 'goodies' that I have ready and waiting to be put to use. I went with the 6X6 paper pad for the My Mind's Eye 'Lost & Found' Christmas collection. (also, many items from the past few years that will work well with the colors of the new collection)

However, I am not purchasing a new album this year. I will be using an album that I already have. I have two albums that I bought several years ago and they didn't work for the project at that time but they give me two good options for this year's December Daily. Both are 6X6 albums.

The first option that I will share with you is a Milk Chocolate chipboard album with 4 book rings. It comes with 10 pages and some with side tabs. I could really decorate the front cover nicely. I really like this album and I think I am leaning more to this one but since they are both 6X6, my foundation pages will work with either. I can decide on the album up to the last minute.

Nice sturdy 6X6 chipboard pages. I will have to purchase larger book rings because my album will probably get too thick for the ones that came with this album.

The second option is a red (love this color for Christmas) Studio K post bound album. I love the clasp on the front and the way the album opens in the middle, something different from my past DD albums. However, when you open it up, there are pages that come out from both sides. It is a bit awkward to figure out how to keep my numbered days in order. (and with trying to do two page layouts per day, I would need to get a pack of refill pages. It currently comes with 20)

Don't you just love that latch on the front?

So, what do you think of these two albums? Which one would you choose to work with this year? I would love your input.

And here we are, these are the gathered items so far and now I am getting down to working on my foundation pages. I will be back soon to show them to you
once they are completed.

have fun putting your DD album together...Cherri


Rosie said...

That MME paper is awesome!
I am partial to the red album, would you have any issues with it getting too thick to close properly? That would be my only consideration in choosing it.

amylynne said...

MME fabulous! I like the red one.....the clasp is super cool!

Charity said...

Definitely the first album....look at how many wonderful memories you've squeezed into the first three years. :) Can't wait to see your pages in the flickr gallery.

Anonymous said...

Love the product you're going to use- so classic looking!
I like both albums but I have to agree with Rosie- my experience with those K & Co/Studio K albums is that they won't take much bulk if you use a lot of chunky embellishments. With the BG one, you could buy larger rings to bind it and that way you could add a lot more pages & embellishments to it!Either way, it's going to be gorgeous!

Cherri Engle said...

The red album has extenders and I added them to see the width that I could get by using them. And believe it or not, I have so much 'expandable' room with that album. So much more than I imagined. I agree with you all, the red one it is. (now that I know my bulky stuff will fit) Thanks ladies, cannot wait to follow your albums this season as well...

Louise Houghton said...

I am attempting to do a December Daily for the first time this year. Reason being that we are going to Lapland with my two boys and I think it is the perfect time to do this fab project. I am borrowing a really good camera for the whole of December. I intend to use an Italian lined bound book but have snipped the pages in half and will use rings so it is easy to get things in and out.l I wanted to ask if you think this will work out ok? I already had the book and thought it would be ok for my first effort. (Sorry to go on!) Louisex