Monday, August 2, 2010

Just a few Yard Sale Finds this past Weekend

This past Saturday was rainy and overcast which made yard sales very bleak. I felt so sorry for all those that put so much hard work into having a yard sale jsut to have the rain put a damper on it. However, we still decided to trek out in the rain. I found this table on wheels at our first stop. They were asking $8 for it and I paid full price. I felt so sorry for them being out in the rain I just wanted to bless them with their asking price. I still think it was worth $8. I a using it in my scrap room to keep items on and when I need them, I can just roll the table next to my work space and there they are...right at my fingertips. Then later at an estate sale I found this planter for $1. I will probably fill it with scrapbooking supplies to keep on the table with wheels...they are made for each other. That is all I bought this weekend. Not a lot to choose from but I think both of my purchases were good buys. Happy Monday everybody.

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That rolling table will be perfect for scrapping. I'm a big scrapper too. Great finds!