Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yard Sale Finds

Our local Civic Center had a 'Monster Flea Market' yesteday and my sister and I just 'had' to be there. There was probably 50 different vendors set up for the day. Some professional vendors that were selling antique dishes, toys, books, etc... Other booths had collections of comic books, records, sport memorabilia, hand made jewelry. And then others were locals that just had yard sales stuff. We got there early and were there probably there almost 2 hours. We didn't end up spending a lot of money but I think we got some good deals. There were two things that we 'went back' for but had already been sold. We learned a very valuable lesson...if you are thinking about getting it...then just do it. If you come back it may be gone.

Here is my stuff...

One vendor had a box full of old prints. We went through and picked out 8 of our favorites then we split them. We now wished we have gotten more than eight of them. We fell in love with so many of them but we were trying to keep some money back for the rest of the tables.

I also got a scrapbook for $1. It's a simple one but it will come in handy for a special project or event. I think it was a great deal. It is brand new. I took the wrapping off of it when I got home.

I also got this adorable 'box'. On one side it says 'BLESSINGS' and the other side says 'HOPES'. It will be used to hold some scrapbooking run-ons in my studio. I love it. It was only $2.00. When I first looked at it the vendor had $4 on it. I decided to walk around a bit and when I came back she had marked it at $2. I grabbed it up instantly.

I love little you can tell. I found this little box (and another one exactly like it) at another table. They were both marked $2 each and I immediately picked them both up. My sister and I have matching boxes.

When I opened it up I found out that I could use it as a 'file' box for index cards. This might come in handy for my job but it may also end up being used for scrapbook emblishments. I haven't quite decided yet. Who knows...I will figure it out.

I got this picture at a yard sale we stopped at on our way home from the civic center. I just love the look of this picture. I have held it up in three different places in my home. Where it ends up I do not know at this point. I may need my sister's thoughts on the!!

I love this little bell. The vendore ended up coming down to only $3. I just fell in love with it and had to have it. I would have paid the $5 she had on it but when I asked if she would take less she said $3. What a blessing...

I have never really decorated with sea shells but out there in blog-land, I see a lot of people have shells all around and I love the look that they give to a room. So when we found a vendor that offered a 'cup' full for only .50 I had to buy some. For this entire bowl I only paid $1.25. Can you believe it? We couldn't. It was a great buy.

Over all Terri and I had a very successful day. We thought it was well worth going. And to top it all off, we had so much fun together. Just being together, no matter what we do, we have a blast. Living in the same area and doing 'life' with my sister and her family is one of my favorite things. Thanks Terri for a wonderful day....

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Charlotte said...

I love the prints!! And we have shells in random spots too, we have a shoebox full around here somewhere of shells and sea glass that we have collected.