Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We are finally moved and settled (somewhat) into our new home. We moved in here just under three weeks ago. My twin sister, Terri!, and her family live in this area and we decided that we wanted to be near them. We were about five hours apart from each other but now no more than 15 minutes. We already love living here and this close to them. It was a great decision. I will show you some of the house. We are leasing with option to purchase so we are being careful not to put too many nail holes in the walls until we decide to purchase. Here goes...

This is our 'formal' living room. I don't really need a formal living room but we have one so there. When you first come in the front door this room is direclty on your right.

This is our dining room. When you come in the front door it is drectly on your left. (right across from the formal living room) I need to find an area rug for this room but haven't found the one that is just right for this space. (still need fabric at the windows also)
Our Master Bedroom is huge. I absolutely love it. I haven't added window treatments yet but am still looking for the perfect ones. We get the most amazing sunrise in the morning out these windows I hate to cover them up. Any suggestions?Here the is another view of our Mater Bedroom. You can seen the living room through the hallway. Our living room (or great room, I guess I should call it) is very large. I think I found a rug for in here but my husband thinks it's too small. We will have to keep looking for now. Also, I am adding some fabric to the windows to soften it up a bit. I am not going to completely cover the windows because the view from these windows makes the room.
I am still working on the eat-in-kitchen and the guestrooms upstairs. I will post more on them later. But for now, this gives you an idea of what I have been up to recently. It's a work in progress and we are well on our way. If I actually wrote down all the things that I am still shopping for it might overwhelm me just a bit. For now I will just keep the ongoing list in my head.

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